About Us


Gus, Vanessa, and Shantal

KAOS fitness is a family owned business founded by Gus and Vanessa Lebaron and Shantal Mackey. Their mission is to provide premium supplements to accommodate all types of active lifestyles. It is essential that all of their products contain clean ingredients, offer flexibility to all types of diets, and extend nutrition to maintain a well-balanced way of life.



Gus and Vanessa Lebaron live in Louisiana with their two daughters Venice and Nirvana. Gus and Vanessa individually played many sports in high school and as adults continue to play basketball, volleyball and golf, on top of maintaining a fitness regimen. It is no surprise that their daughters became athletes themselves and play competitive volleyball and golf. Throughout the years, this active family has searched for a healthy and convenient premium protein powder to supplement their active routine. Upon finding that there wasn’t a protein in the market that they felt comfortable drinking as a family, they created KAOS protein. 


Shantal Mackey is currently a student at Louisiana State University studying Food Science and Nutrition with a concentration in Dietetics. Shantal lives an active lifestyle because of her love for fitness and eats well-balanced foods for her overall wellness. Since she has a couple of eating restrictions she has to monitor what foods she eats. In the past she has struggled to find the right protein for her to be able to supplement her body. Collaborating with Gus and Vanessa has been beneficial in creating a product that she can consume, as well as help others that have similar restrictions. Shantal and Vanessa are sisters and have always loved to stay active. Their protein business allows them to include everyone that is on their journey to a healthy lifestyle, regardless of any dietary restrictions.

Gus, Vanessa and Shantal hope you enjoy their protein!